Elevating Brands by Transforming Audiences into Advocates

Time to Climb is a marketing firm dedicated to working side by side with brands & businesses. We identify, engage & convert target audiences into long-term repeat customers, inspiring them to become advocates who promote & drive referrals to your business. We work with our partners to provide a variety of services and consulting in the areas listed below.

Overall Marketing Strategy

Organize each marketing initiative to comprehensively create a clear unified message that remains consistent & on brand

Evaluation & Optimization
(existing efforts)

At Time to Climb, we begin our journey with your brand by thoroughly assessing your existing assets, resources, and initiatives, ensuring no stone is left unturned. We conduct a detailed inventory of your current resources, spanning email, social platforms, creative assets, and workflows, followed by a performance review of your past and ongoing initiatives. Guided by these insights, we then formulate astute recommendations and optimizations, aligning your marketing strategies for enhanced impact and efficiency.

Customer Discovery & Marketplace Research

Navigating through customer discovery and marketplace research, we succinctly identify and categorize your customers, examining their buying behaviors to shape achievable goals. We devise a tailored strategy, enhancing it with precise optimizations, and ensure its successful planning and execution, always prioritizing your brand’s objectives.

Content Strategy & Creation

In our approach to content strategy and creation, we assess and categorize your existing assets, ensuring they align with your initiatives. When needed, we craft additional compelling content, spanning video, displays, layouts, and written material, to seamlessly integrate with your overall strategy.

Social Media Strategy & Management

Our social media strategy harmonizes targeted platform tactics, engaging content creation, and meticulous management. From fostering dynamic engagement and employing influencer strategies to optimizing paid media, we sculpt your digital presence to resonate vibrantly across all social channels.

Email Strategy & Management

We cultivate your email marketing by crafting a strategic acquisition plan, meticulously scheduling dispatches, and seamlessly aligning content planning with your goals, while also leveraging email advertising opportunities to enhance your message’s reach and engagement.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) & Google Services

Navigate the digital landscape with our expert SEO and Google Services. Begin with a comprehensive site evaluation, follow through with insightful SEO recommendations, and elevate your online presence with strategic content writing. Plus, unlock the potential of the Google Ads Suite, from Adwords to Shopping, ensuring your brand is ever-present in the consumer’s online journey.

Paid Media Advertising

In the realm of Paid Media Advertising, we navigate through the establishment and management of ad campaigns across various platforms and publications, ensuring they are not only optimized but also evaluated rigorously for performance outcomes, securing your investments effectively.

Brand, Website & Graphic Design

We facilitate the creation and elevation of your brand through our network team of pre-approved brand, website, and graphic designers, ensuring your creative needs are not only met but surpassed, encapsulating the very essence of your business in every design detail.

Fractional Marketing Director – Advertising, Media Buying & Team/Vendor Management

Harnessing a unified approach, our Fractional Marketing Director collaborates with your existing team to streamline and enhance marketing efforts across all media platforms. We not only identify the content and entities that engage your customers but also craft resonant marketing assets such as articles, ads, and videos. Plus, by negotiating with publications and vendors, we ensure optimal placements, rates, and execution.

Are you ready to optimize and transform your business in any of the above areas? Let’s have a conversation, please reach out.

Nicholas R. Hernandez
Owner – Time to Climb Media Group
973-868-8774 or Nicholas@TimetoClimb.com